Dear Clients,
Mediation shall continue by way of conference calls and or Zoom video call if you are comfortable doing so.

As we all continue to respond to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus, please join the call for everyone to practice social distancing requested by health authorities.

I wish everyone well during this difficult period and thank everyone involved in helping fight the spread of the virus.

Please contact me with any challenges you may have.

Be well!

Judith Denault

Family Mediation Kincardine

Differences between Lawyers and Mediators

Differences between Lawyers and Mediators

A mediator will work with both parties together and in some cases with the parties separately if distance or no contact is an issue.
We work together with all facts, taking into consideration work schedules, ages of children, property and income.

More economical

The cost of mediation is usually less than what a lawyer will ask for as a retainer.
A lawyer represents one party. Understandably, your lawyer will attempt to get what you want however if the other party has a lawyer acting for them, in doing so, much time, communication and funds are being utilized.
Sometimes you may end up in court which can be quite costly and may leave both parties resentful of the other.
It is worth attempting mediation initially in hope of resolving the issues between parties.
Likely you know someone who has not utilized mediation after separation and others who have. Outcomes are often similar however the time and costs can be quite different.
A wise retired family court judge once told me that 99.9% of families should never go to court and that court could leave families worse off than when they were separating.
Most family matters can be resolved in mediation and helps for better communication in the future.

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