Dear Clients,
Mediation shall continue by way of conference calls and or Zoom video call if you are comfortable doing so.

As we all continue to respond to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus, please join the call for everyone to practice social distancing requested by health authorities.

I wish everyone well during this difficult period and thank everyone involved in helping fight the spread of the virus.

Please contact me with any challenges you may have.

Be well!

Judith Denault

Family Mediation Kincardine



Judith Denault, B.A., (Carleton), Family Mediation (McMaster) Accreditation by the Ontario Association of Family Mediators, 2009.
In private practice, Judith provides Comprehensive Mediation (Family Property Division, Support and Parenting Plans) services in Huron, Perth, Grey and Bruce Counties, Kitchener-Waterloo and the GTA.
In past years Judith has successfully mediated on-site and off-site clients involved in family courts at Ontario and Superior Courts of Justice in Stratford, Goderich and Walkerton, Ontario.
Between 2007 & 2009, Judith, in her role as a Circle Facilitator at Peace builders International (Canada) utilizing restorative practices to assist young people away from the justice system and toward building strong and healthy communities.
Judith continues Circle Practices with youth and the elderly within family settings with a desire to branch out to the education system, community and workplace practice.
As part of ongoing education, Judith participates in annual professional training.
Since 2011, Judith enjoys her role as an event volunteer for Community Living taking part in annual fundraisers in Kincardine, Ontario, as well as volunteering with the Huron Shores Hospice annually.

Ontario Association for Family Mediation