Dear Clients,
Mediation shall continue by way of conference calls and or Zoom video call if you are comfortable doing so.

As we all continue to respond to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus, please join the call for everyone to practice social distancing requested by health authorities.

I wish everyone well during this difficult period and thank everyone involved in helping fight the spread of the virus.

Please contact me with any challenges you may have.

Be well!

Judith Denault

Family Mediation Kincardine

Judith was clear and concise and helped us feel confident in the processJ.G.

I was pleased with Judith - she was patient and understanding…we knew the cost of mediation was so much less than our neighbours paid when they just had legal advice!

Mediation helped me and my EX work out everything for our separation and we were surprised at how quickly the process wentJ.K

Wish we had started mediation before we went to court cause it would have saved us a lot of money…Judith was awesomeH.W.

Great outcome for both of us …Thank you very much for helping us JudithN.R.

My role

As a mediator, I impartially assist clients through the process of separation by finding common ground, encouraging discussions and assisting communication to find solutions to family concerns respectfully and efficiently.

What is mediation?

Family Mediation is an alternative method to resolve issues arising from separation and most often a preferable way.
It is a process that focuses on resolving issues, communication without the need to establish right or wrong.
In Mediation I encourage parties to work together while we develop solutions that both parties find acceptable.

Benefits of Mediation

Working together leads to best interests for yourself, family and future communication.
Mediation tends to reduce conflict and ease tensions between separating parties.
The mediation process gives separating families a choice in planning for their family’s future as they make their own arrangements for children, home and finances.
Mediation most often results in savings of legal fees and court costs while working towards individual needs, interest, values and goals.

Topics of Discussion

Parenting Plans: When each parent will spend time with the children including holidays and positive communication between parents.
Financial Support: Child support including extraordinary expenses such as medical, dental and education and spousal support.
Net Family Property: Division of family property.

Costs of Mediation

Fees are charged proportionate to incomes which enables all clients to have the option of Mediation. Please contact me to discuss.
Mediation may be included in some Union Benefits where clients are covered for mediation.
Mediation can be much less costly than dealing solely with lawyers or going to court.

Care of Children

We can create a regular and detailed time-sharing schedule.
Protect children from unnecessary stress from a separation.
Be flexible and respect the other parent.
Be a teacher and a role model.

Ontario Association for Family Mediation