Welcome to the Family Mediation Website

Helping parents who live apart remain close with their children

This site is designed to provide you with general information about Family Mediation, Parenting Plans, and the choices you have after separation.

My name is Judith Denault and I am an Accredited Family Mediator with the Ontario Association of Family Mediators.

I provide Family Mediation, Parenting Coordination and Community Facilitation Services to families in Grey Bruce, Huron, Perth, Waterloo and Wellington Counties.

My goal is to assist parties through the separation process and to resolve family related issues in an efficient and respectful manner.

Services Offered

Resolution to:

• Custody and Access

• Child Support

• Equalization of Net Family Property

• Community Circle Facilitation

• Workplace Mediation

• Parenting Plans

• Spousal Support

• Family Conflict Circle Facilitation

• School Circle Facilitation

• Memorandums of Understanding


All issues are often less complicated to settle with the assistance of an experienced Family Mediator and much less costly and less intrusive than going to court.