Parenting Coordinator

A Parenting Coordinator is a neutral person working to ensure parental access and to protect children from unnecessary stress. It is a form of mediation for parents who are unable to work together through standard mediation. Parents involved in high conflict family situations may choose an arbitrator to help with communication between parents and parents and children during separation, divorce or on an ongoing basis.

Occasionally, while parents are able to agree on most issues, there are times when they may reach an impasse and may not agree , or may fail to understand the best interest of the child. In such situations, they can benefit from the aid of a neutral third person.

The Parenting Coordinators role is to help the parties implement a parenting plan that has already been established or ordered by the court. With consultations, coaching and monitoring the fulfillment of the Parenting Plan, a parenting coordinator may also help the parties come to an agreement or make decisions for the parents.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting Coordination is a form of alternative dispute resolution and a child centered and solution oriented process where an Arbitrator utilizes mediation and arbitration skills as an aid to reduce the amount of conflict that a family is experiencing.

A parent’s responsibility to his or her child remains, regardless of the type of relationship between the parents. It is sometimes difficult for parents to work together after separation or divorce because of the many changes and new issues to be considered.

Parenting Coordination is used by many families who are unable to let go of anger and unable to see the best interest of the children after separation or divorce.

If a family is experiencing high conflict throughout and after the transition of the separation process, the arbitrator will help manage the conflict and help the parties move forward to a point where they can manage decisions on their own.

The child is the only focus of meetings between parenting partners related to parenting coordination.

Goals of the Parent Coordinator

  • To reduce parental conflict
  • Increase parental cooperation
  • Improve communication
  • Eliminate inappropriate behaviour
  • Minimize child’s stress

If a relationship deteriorate and disharmony elevates, individual efforts to improve a situation may become frustratingly ineffective. In an Arbitration agreement, from the beginning of mediation it is understood that if an impasse is reached between the parents, the mediator will make the final decision. This process ensures that all issues will be settled as closure is a great achievement especially with issues relating to children and issues that may be time sensitive such as school, activities and co-parenting issues.