The Circle is a method of communication and problem solving which encourages accountability and forgiveness. Everyone who participates in a Circle does so voluntarily. Circles are used within family relationships, friendships, in schools, community building and restorative justice.

┬áIn Circle everyone is accepted as equal and each participant has equal opportunity to speak in a process that honours and respects the presence of each participant while giving an equal voice to all. Participants agree to follow guidelines that are established by the group while they listen and hear what it’s like to live as someone else and at the same time contributing to resolution as decision making is by consensus.

Circle Facilitator

A facilitator aids dialogue and protects the integrity of the process. To facilitate dialogue without interruption, a talking piece is passed from person to person within the Circle enabling one person at a time to speak as they hold the talking piece. Listening respectfully to each participant may help create a meaningful level of connection between individuals as they discuss how best to overcome conflict. With group guidelines and through shared story telling in a safe and open space, all participants work towards developing trust and understanding even before exploring issues or problem solving.